The Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife fanlisting was launched on November 8, 2016 ♥ It is entitled On the Way to a Smile, which was inspired by the FFVII short stories of the same name ♪ At the beginning of the game, Cloud was a mercenary who had nothing worth fighting for. Through meeting the people who would become his important comrades, he learns to accept his past and overcome his greatest challenges in order to find peace in himself. I find this title fitting to describe his journey to seek redemption, because we all wish to see Cloud smile in the end ♥


Version Midgar: Homecoming
Launched: June 8, 2020

In celebration of the recent release of FFVII Remake, I was inspired to create a design featuring our hero's long-awaited return to Midgar ♥ I wanted to pay homage to the original classic and chose the iconic image of Cloud preparing to face off against Shinra. I admire how no matter how dangerous or silly the mission is, he always gets the job done - all the while looking dangerously handsome and cool X3 Welcome back to Midgar, Cloud ♥

Version Advent Children: Those Who Fight Further
Launched: November 8, 2016

His looks have changed a lot in his different appearances, but my favorite version of Cloud is from the 2005 movie sequel, Advent Children, which takes place two years after the events of the game. He is older and unbelievably handsome ♥ back to being angsty. Fortunately, he is finally able to let go of his past in time to kick major ass ♪ I wanted the design to be gritty yet hopeful, to reflect Cloud's change from angsty lone wolf to badass hero ★


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